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Solar Heating

Tim Miller Plumbing is the company to rely on for solar heating in NZ. When you want an alternative to traditional heating methods, solar heating is the way to go. We provide full installation on different kinds of properties. Through solar heating, you can make your estate environmentally friendly whilst lowering your energy costs.

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If you are looking for a way to save money on house bills, let us install a solar heating system for you. By doing this, you will be contributing to saving the planet and use the extra money for other important expenses. Call Tim Miller Plumbing now for first-rate solar heating services.


What is solar heating?

  • Solar heating is a new way of providing heat in your home by utilising the stored heat energy in your roof.


Why choose solar heating?

  • By using solar heating, you will not have to use your electric or gas heaters all day. You will meet 75% of your hot water needs using the efficient energy of sunrays.


How do we install solar heating?

  • Qualified personnel install solar panels in your roof, which connect to your water cylinder. In this process, you can have most of your hot water needs by using less energy.


Benefits of solar heating

  • Lowers the energy bill
  • Cost-effective in houses that use large supplies of water


Energy-saving pros

  • With solar heating in your home, you do not have to use your electric or gas heater all day. Thus, your energy costs will go down to free up more money for other expenses.